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Object Details
Medium: Painted wood and rawhide 
Dimensions: 105.5 x 41 x 30 cm (41 9/16 x 16 1/8 x 11 13/16 in.) 
Geog. Data:  
Period: Roman 
Culture Dura-Europos (Syria) 
Scutum (Shield)
mid-3rd century A.D.
Maker: Unknown
Yale-French Excavations at Dura-Europos
Found flattened and in thirteen pieces, this shield was reconstructed by the excavation team. Although much of the resulting object is modern, it remains an important example of the classic semi-cylindrical shield known as a scutum, used by Roman legionaries and known from literary sources; no other examples outside Dura-Europos have been found. The painted decoration reflects Roman victory iconography, including an eagle with a laurel wreath, winged victories bearing additional wreaths, and a lion. When discovered the shield was missing its central boss (umbo). All the armor found within Tower 19, located midway along the western wall, seems to have been awaiting repair when the site was destroyed. 
This object is on view at the gallery.
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Note: This electronic record was created from historic documentation that does not necessarily reflect the Yale University Art Gallery's complete or current knowledge about the object. Review and updating of such records is ongoing.